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   Washington, DC/Headquarters

Roosevelt, NY

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What We Do

Who We Serve


Got It Goin' On® (GIGO) provides tools

to address social-emotional, cultural, educational, financial, leadership and physical development needs for girls, 12-15, by training adult women, from the US and countries around the world, recruited to customize and provide the GIGO model for their respective communities/countries.

Our girl-driven, youth-friendly, trauma-informed programs, products and services, reflect the unique needs of Black girls.  To strategically carry out our work, globally, GIGO is now made up of four components: 

  1. Training & Licensing 

  2. Technical Assistance

  3. Flagship GIGO Empowerment Program (TBD)

  4. GIGO Girls Alumnae Council

BLACK GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD * THROUGH THE WOMEN WHO SERVE THEM!  GIGO is an empowerment brand of Ferebee Enterprises International, LLC, whose mission is to improve/transform the quality of life for Black girls around the world, ages 12-15; and, enhance the future of their communities/countries, by providing culturally customized, non-formal education products, programs and services. Our vision is to create communities of girls with confidence/the gateway to opportunity, and cultural pride/the gateway to self-worth and value - worldwide; to create future female leaders who have a global perspective while retaining a commitment to the enrichment of their community/country; and to create a fit and empowered "global sisterhood."   

GIGO was first started by Janice Ferebee in 1997 at the University of Pennsylvania (as "Fitness & Fashion w/FUNK!") to provide a safe space ("No Parent Zones") for Black girls.  BLACK GIRLS ARE IN CRISIS!   They face challenges that threaten to derail their futures.  Challenges that include: low self-esteem; lack of cultural pride; low academic achievement and lack of equal access to education; bullying, trafficking and all forms of abuse and trauma; early introduction to sexual images and behavior; media/social media exploitation; lack of access to leadership preparation; and, lack of spiritual guidance and positive role models.  With the proper tools, these stumbling blocks can be transformed into stepping-stones on the way through a girl's journey to womanhood.  The GIGO model offers concrete tools for helping Black girls reach their full potential.